Thursday, April 9, 2009

Celestial Navigation

This is my one of my newest 16"x12" paintings created in 2009. I don't know if you remember, but I wrote about this painting during its creation in the blog post titled Safe Inside. I am so glad I sanded over that bad name callin' painting from before, because now I have this new painting that I am much happier with. I titled it Celestial Navigation and it is so weird how I came to that title. The painting practically painted itself. There was no conscious decision on what colors or shapes I put where, it just happened. I love that. When I was finished I kept having the word celestial in my head (for obvious reasons) but I didn't want to call it that because it didn't express what this painting meant to me. Then I looked up celestial in the dictionary and found celestial navigation. Which according to Webster's Dictionary means; navigation based on observation of the sun, moon, stars, planets to determine position. What is so cool about this definition is that it is EXACTLY what this painting symbolizes for me. At the time of making this painting I had discovered this web site where I could read my astrological chart and I was doing a lot of thinking about using the universe as my guide in finding my path. I am always searching for answers as to where I should be going in this world. Anyway, this painting is clearly a physical manifestation of one of those serendipitous moments. I don't care how crazy it sounds, that is why I paint.

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