Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Studio To Do List

I had a novel thought today. I made a to do list for my work in the studio. I ALWAYS make lists for the office because I lack focus, but it never occurred to me to make one for the studio. (unless I have a major deadline) So today I painted on the sanded over bad name callin' painting and I am just loving it. It has somehow turned into this lovely abstracted sunset or moonrise. Is that a word?

I also worked on my Bruges painting. We (the Gateway Gallery artists) are working on a collaboration of sorts. Greg Matchick has provided each of us with one of his beautiful photographs of Bruges, Belgium called Three Swans in a Canal and we are creating our own pieces inspired by his photo. I am a little intimidated by the project, but I am really enjoying it too. Using his photograph has made me stretch my color muscle in a wonderful way. The painting is very abstract though and I, of course, am already stressing that people will think it is ugly. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

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  1. Oh my I love swans, and Heather you don't make ugly art, nope sorry but you don't :) I gotta make a studio to do list tomorrow good idea.


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