Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh it's so embarrassing to go for so long without posting! I have been writing blog posts in my head for weeks, but none have actually made it to the computer. Happy New Year by the way! I have been busy applying for a substitute teaching job to supplement my art income. Thank you economy. We have been having fun too though. Quincy and Ben went to the Girl Scouts' Daddy Daughter Dance this Friday. So cute. Ben wore a tux!

Before that, Max was in the Boy Scout's Pinewood Derby. He got 2nd place in the Webelos. His car is the green one with silver stripes.

Last night we had our annual Super Bowl party with The Boone's. Way too much food, but we had lots of fun. When everyone left, Quincy said the Super Bowl should be on a Saturday so we could sleep in the next day. I agree!

Last but not least, I have been working on these new little pendants. They are for sale on Etsy for $25. I have already sold one (Thank you Marian!) I am in the process of making more and taking pictures and posting them. They made from small reproductions of my original paintings. Hope you like!

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  1. Oh how I wish I could control the spacing on this post!


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