Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving My Clean but Cold Studio

I was so excited to finally paint in my clean studio today, I thought I would post pictures. It's not fancy, but it's mine. Ben built me the handy dandy shelf on the wall for my paints which I LOVE. And he hung my new light so I can see better. My only complaint is the COLD. Oh my gosh my nose was running and my fingers were icicles. Even with my new space heater. In spite of the chill, I did manage to make some progress on a painting that has been sitting in my studio for a while. One of those "come back to" paintings. Sometimes they work out and sometimes you just have to cut your losses. I am still holding out faith for this one. It is part of my family series and I just can't give up yet.
One day I will have a beautiful studio with windows and walls and heat and a comfy chair for contemplating my next creation. For now, my contemplating will just have to keep happening in my head , in the car, in the shower, on the computer, on the couch, while I am reading to my kids, during conversation....... you get the picture.

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