Friday, February 13, 2009

Exciting New Adventure

In January I was invited to be a partner at the Gateway Gallery in Clayton, MO. I was really glad to be invited because I didn't really want to leave when my guest artist exhibition ended. Things just felt right at the gallery. The Gateway Gallery is an artist run gallery and I really like all the partners, not to mention the business potential. I am really optimistic about this new adventure. Where else can I get my own little spot of real estate in the heart of Clayton? So for now, this is my newest endeavor and tonight marks my first reception at the gallery as a new partner. We will be welcoming guests to come view our artwork from 6-9 this evening. We are located at 7921 Forsyth Blvd. in Clayton, MO 63105. There is also valet parking available, which is awesome, and it only cost $4. You can't beat that with a stick! I think I might bring my new necklaces to the gallery if you would like to come see them.

These are some of my newest little pendants I have made. I have really been struggling with the pictures for Etsy, but I have shot and re-shot them. They are really so cute in person.
I have had people asking me if I am making jewelry now. No, I just got distracted. They are just so fun and cool and I love to wear them and once again they satisfy my need to make something little. Truth be told, my studio was a wreck and freezing cold and I just didn't want to be in it lately. That has all changed now......I think I will save that for another entry though.

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  1. The necklaces are soooooo sweet!!! Very cute all hanging together like this.


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