Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Story

The whole time I was writing about my painting Not What They Seem I was thinking about this story my great aunt told us a while back. I decided to share it.

She was driving down the road with her daughter in the back seat. She looks over and sees this woman who is visibly angry. She is pointing and throwing a real fit at my aunt. My aunt continues to drive and parks where she was planning to shop. The woman in the other car follows her into the parking lot and gets out of her car heading towards my aunt's car. My aunt jumps our of her car with her hands up saying "Stop right there, I know what you are upset about and I can explain." The woman stops to listen and my aunt says "I bet you are mad because my daughter flipped you the bird." (you know showed her middle finger) The lady, still quite upset says " Yes that is what I am mad about!" My aunt says, " I'm sorry, my twenty year old daughter is mentally retarded with the mind of a four year old and she has begun doing this to everyone who passes in the car. It is very embarrassing but we can't seem to get her to quit yet." The woman burst into tears and apologized profusely.

This just proves a great point that things are not always what they seem. Ever since my aunt told us that story, I try to keep an open mind about how things seem. Being less judgemental leads to thinking outside of the box. A wonderfully creative way to live!

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