Monday, November 10, 2008


Oh my gosh, just when you thought you couldn't allow any more distractions into your life! I joined Twitter. I am not sure I can even explain it. You just have to go see it. It is like Facebook on crack. So if you want to join me, come see at You can follow me, I can follow you, we can follow others, it's crazy!

Oh and guess what? After much obsession, I finally made not one, but two sales last week on Etsy! My first two sales and both within three days of each other. I sold my Falling for Trees painting to Sharon (an artist friend of mine). Thank you Sharon! and I sold Rising to the Top to Leah in Cambridge, MA. I packed that painting so well I bet it takes her an hour to open it! Thank you Leah!

I have more tree paintings in the works, so hopefully I can post one in a couple days.

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