Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I was shopping for PJ's today. I have decided that it was time for me to wear real pajamas to bed. I have always worn old T-shirts. I am sure this is too much information but whatever... I had a gift certificate so I decided that was what I would buy. Sleepwear. That's when I had my revelation. I think we become cartoon versions of ourselves when purchasing sleepwear. (Unless we are in a new relationship....then we become the romantic or sexy movie version of ourselves). Anyway, to prove my point, I bought flannel zebra print pajama bottoms. I have never been a zebra print kinda girl but they are in my room right this minute waiting to be washed. It's like our PJ's are a reflection of our alter ego. The other jammie bottoms are lavender stripes. What? I am also NOT a girlie girl. So there ya go. I am sure there is some type of social experiment that can be done about PJ's and our alter egos. So what do those crazy poodle jammies mean?

What do your jammies say about you?

BTW "Jammies" is one of three words that came on with children that I will probably never be able to stop saying. The other two are "potty" (I know it is sad) and "night night" (even to grown-ups).

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  1. Oh the stories Pjs could tell about us. Well, my neighbors have been stuck seeing mine for years. I love to paint in PJs and see no point in changing when it's time to go to the bus stop or mail box.

    I think the poodles say: Heather has a lot of fun!!


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