Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Postcard Series

Today I am introducing my new Postcard Series. I have had this idea brewing for quite some time. Just ask Ben and Amie and Mary Beth and my mom. I get these ideas and then I let EVERYTHING stop me from starting. Well, I finally did it. I have made three lovely little paintings and I have posted them on Etsy today. My first painting is of St. Louis, MO of course, because that is my home town.

The Postcard Series are little 4" x 6" paintings of various destinations for only $35 a piece. They still have my abstract, textural, colorful touch, but I decided to add a simple painting of a city skyline to them. I love the idea of bringing home a memento from my travels, but I can never find just the right thing. I always love the postcards, but eventually they get bent or shoved in a drawer somewhere. This small piece of art commemorating a certain city or town would appeal to me because it is more permanent and special. They also make a lovely gift for someone to remind them of home, or to celebrate a honeymoon, the possibilities are endless.

I would like to make these as custom art work for anyone who is interested. All you have to do is contact me and we can work out the details. I would be happy to work from one of your photos or one of mine. Size and subject matter can vary. I am happy to make them bigger, smaller, framed or unframed. Of course the ideas just keep going so now I plan to paint houses and trees and if anyone has a great barn picture I would love to do a barn for you!

I painted Chicago, IL because I spent so much time there during this fair season.
I painted Seattle because I was lucky enough to visit there a couple times and if I wanted to move away from my family, I think I would move there.



  1. Oh I am liking the Seattle one. That one shall sale fast.


  2. Sweetsweetsweet!!!!!
    We need to catch up honey. I'm teaching today, but life slows down a bit next week and after. Perhaps an art museum trip in our future? I've got a membership and you can be my guest for the abstract show.
    Are you going to be at Art Trends Friday night?


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