Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rained Out

I really think that Lakeview had some great potential, but the weekend was a total bust. It was raining on the drive up, rained during set up and rained all the way home. Sunday was cancelled due to rain and high winds from Ike and I came home $1200 in the hole. This business is a gamble and I know that, but man, I was hoping for better.

So this is why I am lucky. On Friday after setup, Ben and I got to go out to eat at this fantastic Mexican restaurant called El Mariachi's. It was so cute and just a hop skip and not even a jump to the hotel. The front was open and we could watch the people and the rain while we ate and had margaritas. Best taco I ever had....I swear. Pueblo Solis on Hampton is a close second.

Other reasons I am lucky; The Lakeview East Fair people were great. They fed us a great breakfast and a great awards dinner on Saturday night and they invited all of us artists to come back next year jury free. That saves us about $35 bucks and some time and effort. And I got to come home to my house safe and warm. This makes me really feel for all of the displaced people here in Missouri and in Galveston, TX. My bad weekend pales in comparison.

Besides, I am pretty sure I saved Chicago at least 1 inch of rain because I brought it home in my tent! It is out on my deck drying today in the sun.

Oh and I am amazed at how many people actually did come out to support the fair this weekend. They came out with their umbrellas, and cute rubber boots just to come see our art. What a great community.


  1. Good attitude, darlin'!!! It sucks though and I am so bummed you had to go through this. Good things are coming soon, I just know it :-)

  2. Ok, you're making me rethink my decision not to return next year. And we got to find you some cheaper hotels to stay in! Thanks for the attitude readjustment. Next time can you share the margaritas?


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