Monday, September 8, 2008

I Love Mondays!

I know, Mondays aren't popular, but I love them anyway. At least most of the time. Mondays are my day to start fresh and to make up for lost time from the previous week. I feel like the week is full of possibilities on Monday. Coincidentally, I was listening to Morning Coach this morning and they were talking about just that topic so I decided I needed to share this with you. Ben and I found while we were looking for some motivational podcasts on itunes. We have been listening to it on and off for about two or three weeks now. I really like it. Sometimes my little head can go down the dark road and stay there for a while, so I decided to lighten my way just a little by listening to some positive people. It is only 15 minutes a day and its free. Can't beat that with a stick right? So if you are looking for some type of motivation (personal or in your career) check them out. You can click here for a link to their web site.

On another topic, my mom, Quincy and I went to the St. Louis Art Fair and the Schlafley Art Fair yesterday and we had a great time. Quincy cracked me up because as were were getting our jackets to carry with us I noticed her pockets were really full. Upon inspection I found two dirty socks that were obviously wet at some point and a half eaten cheese stick. Yum! I just love and am irritated by this special little characteristic about my daughter. She will shove anything anywhere anytime that suits her. That explains the skirt my grandma made her being shoved in a vase in my buffet for three months, and the dried up crusty brownie she had stashed under some books in her nightstand. Gotta love her.

And I am so excited about Etsy! Yesterday I found out that I am in two treasuries. This means that somebody included two of my paintings in two different groups of work in the hopes that they will make the front page of etsy. What a complement! Wish us luck!

This was one of the paintings. It is one of my Little Gems.

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