Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fire is Back

Back in July I met this man named George in Orland Park, IL. He walked into my booth and said, "I have been looking all over for you!" I didn't quite know what to say. He went on to say he has been through the entire fair and finally found what he was looking for. Whew! That means he likes my work. (you never know where these conversations can go) In truth, I didn't have exactly what he was looking for, but he picked out one of my Little Gems and said he wanted one similar to it with this and that change. Well he hasn't hired me to make that painting, but I just love a good challenge, so I decided to make it anyway. It was such a rewarding experience and it pushed me to make a painting that I am very happy with. I titled it The Fire is Back because that is how it made me feel. I think I must have been in this unconscious slump and after I made this painting I felt like my creativity was reignited. Thanks George, I needed that.

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