Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Couple Observations

Max's fourth grade class has been getting to go on field trips to the St. Louis Art Museum. They are going once a week in September for four weeks. Yesterday I joined the class as a parent helper. Yep, that means I rode a school bus yesterday. Anyway, I am just so happy with this program that apparently the Art Museum offers for free. So my observations was this....On the first field trip Max (my nine year old) told me how everyone was giggling about the naked man statues. What I noticed yesterday was that as the kids walked passed two statues of naked women, not one of them even flinched. Not a stare or a comment, not a giggle or a point. I mentioned to my friend Angie how interesting it is that they are so "uncomfortable" with seeing a naked man but not naked women. I just thought that was a very interesting comment on our society.

My other observation/advice; don't do your taxes while your son practices violin. Leads to unpleasant side affects.

I am taking photos of my newest work finally today so if I can, I will post something new later!

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