Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Year Resolution

My friend Tracy and I were talking about how for moms, the real new year begins in August when school starts. That's when we think we will get in shape, get organized and start everything fresh. The real New year's Eve in January is just an excuse for a party if we are lucky enough to get babysitting. So anyway, I am feeling pretty good about my resolutions so far. The day goes really fast but it is an amazing feeling to have my brain all to myself for six and a half hours five days a week. Every day when Quincy leaves she says, "Bye Mom, see you in six hours!" She is having the best time. Max is playing violin and loves to complain about school but actually likes it deep down.

I feel good because I have cleaned out the laundry room for the kids to put their things after school. Max says, "Oh good now there wont be an avalanche any more." I can always count on him to to tell it like it is. I also cleaned my studio and started two new paintings. They are 16" x 24" and inspired by some pictures I took on our drive to Geneva, IL a few weeks back. I am a week late on sending my monthly newsletter for August, so I am working on that next. Little by little I am crossing the things off my list that have been driving me insane, but some how I still manage to put off doing my sales taxes since May! What's one more month right?

No pictures today, sorry...I hope to show you something new and pretty very soon.

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