Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No More Plastic Bags!

I am sure that most people are ahead of me in this arena, but I am finally catching on. My friend Carmen sent this little slide show to me and it made me aware of something I didn't know before. I thought I was doing pretty good because I was recycling my plastic bags (from the grocery etc.) but what I found out was that it costs more to recycle a plastic bag than it does to make one. I found out that China and Rwanda and San Francisco banned plastic bags. I am not waiting until Missourians decide to ban them (we could wait forever) so yesterday I bought three reusable Trader Joe's bags for .99 cents each (because that was where I was). Next time I do the big shopping trip at Shop N Save I will buy their reusable bags for $1 for two bags. Then I will just keep them in the car for future use. Easy smeasy! Why did I take so long?!?!?!

On an art related note....I have been busy busy busy making more Little Gems. I can't wait to show you. I have made them hangable now so you can frame them or hang them as is. They are so cool. I plan to put them on Etsy as soon as I can finish them and take pictures.


  1. Fantastic and congratulations.

    I really liked this piece and was surprised Venus said no to it.

    Have a great show


  2. comment is for the "Susan and Elizabeth" painting in the post above this one.

    To many hours smelling paint in the studio I guess.


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