Monday, July 7, 2008

Tete a Tete

This next painting I wanted to show you is called Tete a Tete (French for head to head). It means a private conversation between two people. I know no one would get this by simply looking at the painting, but that is what I love about working abstractly. I can speak in my own language that no one else knows. If I choose to I can translate my paintings for you, but I don't have to for you to connect with them. That is one of the most exciting things for me. I can make a painting that has a certain story or meaning and then almost magically the right person is drawn to that painting.

In this 32"x24" painting I consider the two green areas in each corner the "heads". The variety of colors in between the green areas represent the energy that flows and clashes between two people when they have a conversation. In the top green section there are little squares. These are the things that people hold back or hide from other people about themselves. The little squares on the bottom of the lower green section symbolized the type of person who puts everything out there for the world to see. Participating in and observing these types of interactions between two people is so fascinating to me. Open people seem so vulnerable to me and closed people seem so hard and the beauty of it is that they tend to be drawn to each other. It is as if they are there to help each other see the other side.

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