Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Opening

This little guy has been in my studio on my easel for almost a year now. Every time someone comes in and sees it they like it, but I could never call it done. I don't know why, then today I walked into my studio and he looked ready to go. No explanation, nothing he just looked ready. I am calling this one The Opening. I think it looks a lot like the opening of a cave or a mouth with big teeth. Either way, the title and the imagery is a metaphor for that moment you get with a person when they open up just a little and let you in. It is also that moment when you are the one opening up and you catch a glimpse of what is like to share you self without being guarded.

I should also take this opportunity to let you all know that I will be visiting the lovely town of Orland Park, Illinois for an art fair. This was my best show last year and I am so excited to go back. After a year goes by you start thinking was it all just a dream? I met such wonderful people who really connected with my paintings and I hope at least one decides to come say hello.

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