Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Tread Lightly

This little 8" x 8" is one of a few paintings remaining in a series that I unofficially called my Mother Earth Series that I made in 2007. Please Tread Lightly went home with Nancy (thank you Nancy!) who found us at Art and Air last weekend. It is funny because I had just been thinking to myself that I can't believe it never sold. The idea behind the title and the imagery is to please leave our dear mother earth with as few footprints as possible. The circle in the middle represents the earth and the diagonal lines that lead to a small curved line are our feet walking on the earth. I am so glad Please Tread Lightly found a home with Nancy because she was just the sweetest and most considerate person to do business with.

On a more domestic note.... I decided my kids needed to start helping with dinner so they can learn more responsibility and to learn how to cook. You can never start too soon. They are so excited. At first Max (8 years) wanted to make hot wings, because that is his favorite, but when I asked him if he would touch raw chicken he decided to go with pizza instead. He is making it tonight and we can't wait. Last night, Quincy (6 years) made mac n cheese and fruit salad. It was so cute. She put the fruit salad in a crystal bowl and set the table to look oh so fancy. Until she got juice from the fruit salad on her mac n cheese and decided to dry the noodles off on her napkin and then eat them off of her napkin. Verrrrry fancy. We all enjoyed it so much. She was very proud of herself. Oh and to top it off she made blue rice crispy treats with suckers sticking out of them and mints stuck to them. They were very festive. I wish I had taken a picture now that I think of it.

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