Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Times

This painting reminds me of my friend Wendy. She always says "Good Times" sarcastically about something not exactly fun. Like getting a bad haircut. When I used it with this painting though I am referring to actual good times. This painting just looks and feels like a party with people and confetti. And it was fun to do!

Speaking of fun, this weekend I am looking forward to my annual Chix in the Stix camping trip. About 15 of my girlfriends and I go camping for a weekend once a year. The day after Chix we start planning for the next one. It's just a big party with lots of girl talk and sometimes a little drama. We used to float, but now we have gotten lazy and we just drag our chairs and coolers down to the river and sit and chat all day. Usually a rousing game of Catch Phrase gets going which fits in perfectly with our sitting in a circle of chairs plan. Here is a picture from our first trip we took....I don't even remember when. Maybe 5 years ago? That's my Wiley dog on the right. I think three of us had our batteries go dead and needed a jump because we played our radios too long. Good times....

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