Thursday, June 5, 2008

Art and Air 2008

This is my first year participating in the Webster Groves Art Fair. My cousin Amie did it last year and highly recommended it. I have never even been to it so I am really looking forward to seeing what it is like. I saw a commercial for it last weekend so that is pretty cool. Lately I have been working on my smaller stuff because I have enough large stuff for now. I have around seven new 8"x8" (but no pics yet) and lots of new "Little Gems" and magnets.

This is one of my newest 32"x24" paintings called Awakening. I had mentioned it in my May Newsletter but I thought I might mention it here too. My family is giving this one mixed reviews, but I really love it. The circles are representative of moons or a sun and a moon. It is all about leaving the past behind you and starting anew. I am feeling an awakening of my own on a personal level. I am seeing the world and myself in it differently, and I think this painting really expresses that for me. It was one of those paintings that flowed so easily that I felt guilty to be finished without "bleeding on it" as my friend Mary Beth would say.

OK, back to painting "Little Gems" for this weekend. Get your 4"x6"frames ready! They are only $35 and they look great matted, un-matted, and with or without glass.

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