Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Universal Energy

This is my newest 8" x 8" painting called Universal Energy. I finished it just in time for Washington. It is a little lighter than I usually work, but I am really happy with it. It conveys a feeling of sharing energy which is a very important concept for me. I feel that we all have a responsibility for the kind of energy we choose to share.

I am also excited to say that you can see this painting at the Chesterfield Mall. Last week, April from Chesterfield Arts called and asked if they could put one of my small paintings in the mall to advertise for the Chesterfield Arts Art in the Parking Lot coming up this June. It is in a Plexiglas case in the middle of the mall somewhere. I haven't seen it yet, so if you happen across it, please write and let me know how it looks!

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