Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have had the Twelve Days of Christmas tune in my head since last weekend. At the Springfield ArtsFest I was surprised to see..... seven little Yorkies, six huge Great Danes, five giant Newfoundlands, two Shetland Ponies, two monkeys in strollers, one white ferret, and a rat on the back of a guy's neck. I am not kidding. I really did see every one of those animals. The animals weren't the only thing I saw though. The people were out in droves too. The community really shows up and supports this fair. I had mostly small sales, but the people were just so friendly. My kids had a blast too. They played instruments and did crafts, but the highlight was swimming in the pool at Holiday Inn.

Speaking of Holiday Inn, I am an idiot! We pulled up to The Oasis in Springfield on Friday night after three hours of driving only to find out that I reserved the hotel for May 3-5, not May 2-4. Oops! They were so kind and let me off hook, handed me a book of hotel phone numbers and I started calling. We lucked out and got the last room at the Holiday Inn across the street. Everything was booked of course, because did I mention that it was Prom weekend and there was a monster truck Jam in town. Oh boy. So guess what? The door to our room opened up to the dance floor for Prom!! I couldn't make this up if I tried. Thankfully they were a pretty tame group and I was so tired I fell asleep with my kids jumping on the bed anyway.

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