Friday, April 25, 2008

Never tell an artist...

The other night Ben and I watched Basquiat on Ovation TV. I really loved it. There was this line in it where this art critic mentions that he likes a certain painting and then Jean-Michel Basquiat immediately walks over and makes a change to it. The critic (Rene I think) says, "Never tell an artist you like what they are doing. It guarantees they will change it." I guess I may have been guilty of that once or twice. I think Ben felt very validated.

Movies like that always make me want to rent some warehouse studio and paint huge paintings. Do you think it will be too late when the kids go to college? My hope is that it doesn't matter where I create, as long as I do create. Speaking of which....

Just in case you are worried, I have been doing some larger work for my first fair of the season. They are gathering in my studio, unphotographed. I can't wait to take them out and show them off. They are really coming along nicely. No sneak peeks yet! Anyway, here is the latest Little Gem.


Oh, What the heck, here's one more. Enjoy.


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