Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lots to Tell

I have been working really hard on my store on my web site this month and I have finally got it up and running. My brother (my web site bulilder) made this program where I log onto his web site so I can put pictures on my web site and now I can paste in the html for my store. It is so great. Thank you Kevvy! So please take a gander and tell me what you think. I am not finished with it yet, but it is getting there.

The next thing that is exciting to announce is my husband's new business is officially up and running. Ben rallied eight of his his co-workers and they started their own financial investment company; Strategic Financial. My friend Trish designed their logo and now they are having their open house tonight. They also have a new web site that looks really great with all kinds of fancy caculators and financial tidbits; it is called If you need any advice on your finances, check out their site and they can help you out.

I also finally found out last night that I was accepted into the Venus Envy 2008 exhibit at the Mad Art Gallery this year. I have been working on a pretty extensive project for this and I will be posting more about it soon.

Wish I had a new picture to show you but they are in the works. Happy snow day!!

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