Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You know what my problem is?

I am an impatient procrastinator. I am impatient to do what I really want to do (paint). I procrastinate what I don't want to do (taxes). The worst part is that in an attempt to discipline myself, I make my self do all things not fun first before I get to do what I want. Arggggg. This means that for too long, I have been applying to art fairs, doing taxes, cleaning house, doing laundry, (all things that have to be done) procrastinating the whole way, and now I am just crabby because I still haven't gotten to paint. So why do I take time to write on this blog? I guess because it is my quick way to get something like this off my chest while I procrastinate working on my sales taxes that are due in nine days!

OK, so as I am writing this blog entry in my head, I was listening to Dr. Robin on Oprah and Friends Radio Station while folding socks. She was talking about being grateful no matter what. I do truly believe in this philosophy and I have been trying to be more grateful and positive about things in general. I decided to apply this concept to my current complaint. My conclusion is that I am grateful to have such a full life. My frustration lies in the fact that I have a life that I love. I love that I have found my calling (to paint). I love that I have made enough money this year to actually have to pay sales taxes. I love that I get to spend each day with my laundry generating children and husband. So now I guess I shall stop procrastinating and clean my kitchen, grateful that I had the food to eat in order to mess up my kitchen. I guess I'm being a little sarcastic, but none the less it is making me smile to think differently.

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