Friday, January 18, 2008

Remember These?

Today Quincy came in and asked me what these were. She found them in an old dresser of mine my mom and dad brought for us to put in her room. I told her they were worry dolls. You tell the dolls your worries and put them in the box and they take your worries away. She says, "Or you could just play with them." I laughed and thought, oh how nice, such a wonderful six year old way of thinking. No worries, just play. And then she said, "Except that I am worried I might lose them." So She placed them one by one in the box saying, "I worry I don't wanna lose you, I worry I don't wanna lose you." The good news is she had them out dancing with each other before she went to school. Thankfully her worry about losing them doesn't override her desire to play with them. She gave me a great laugh and a great lesson. Kids are great for that.

While we are on the subject here is a little Maxism (Philosophy of Max):
Quincy was being really angry (aka throwing a fit) about something and I was trying to get her to let go of the anger and cheer up. Max says, "Yeah Quince, anger is like an engine. You don't wanna give it the fuel to run." Interesting way of looking at it.

While we aren't on the subject, I am so excited I bought a yoga mat and a book I have been reading. The book is called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Deepak Chopra. I have checked it out from the library three times and now it is really overdue, so I thought I'd better just buy it. I love it. I might actually finish it and then I will wanna reread it for reference. My friends Stacey Jackson and Mary Beth Shaw inspired me to finally try yoga. My friend Jane recommended this show on the Oxygen Channel called Inhale and I really enjoy it. It makes me feel great. I love the floor work and meditation at the end.

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