Monday, December 3, 2007

Art Trends Gallery Reception

Every time some one asks me if I have any shows coming up I say no, this is production time for me. BUT If I would just take my head out of my @!# I would remember to say yes I do actually have a show coming up. This week, in fact, on Thursday, December 6 my paintings and I will be at a reception at Art Trends Gallery from 5-8 pm. They are located at 703 Long Road Crossing in Chesterfield, MO. You can call (636) 536 - 3266 for details if you need to. I am excited about this Holiday Art Show, because I will finally get to meet the new owner at Art Trends Gallery and I am anxious to see how things have changed. I am also making two new paintings for this show. Hopefully I get them finished in time. I swear I wouldn't finish anything if it wasn't for deadlines! I am just happy to be painting again. Thanksgiving, although wonderful, took a lot of my painting time away. I'm glad to be back to work again. It feels good.

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