Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Studio Assistant

Today I am officially starting Debby and Les's commissioned piece. My lovely studio assistant, Quincy (self portrait enclosed) helped me prepare the wood this morning before school. Max usually helps Ben with my frames. He likes to get to use the nail gun. Scary, I know. Anyway, I am so excited to finally get started.

This past weekend in LaGrange, IL turned out to be pretty good. The town reminded me a little of Kirkwood, MO. It had a train station right in the middle of town and these gorgeous old homes with amazing front porches. The people were really nice. One of the first people to walk into my booth gave me this great big smile and said "I love this art fair!" What a welcome. Besides a slight mishap with my chair literally folding up on me, which made Ben and I laugh until we almost peed our pants, the fair was a success. Oh and I caught up on sleep. I slept for almost eleven hours on Saturday night once we got back to the hotel.

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  1. Too bad Ben didn't grab the camera when you got stuck in your chair, tee, hee, hee. Sleep, glorious sleep - I need to catch up too!


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