Monday, September 24, 2007

Art of This Century

Right now I am reading (aka thumbing through and reading what interests me) a book called Art of This Century. It is a very large book about modern art that was exhibited at The Guggenheim Museum of Art. All these philosophies and ideas and the newness of modern art keep wandering through my head when I am not reading. It makes me feel inspired and intimidated. I am so curious about what a book about 21st Century art will hold in 2107. What art will be revered enough to be included in that book? I feel like an ant in the art world and I am so intent on what I am doing that I have no idea what great new things are being created around the world. What is being done now that will rise to the top and be remembered in 100 years? Only time will tell...

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  1. Hey Heather! Just decided to check out your website to see what you've been up to lately (since I don't think I've seen you since Chix!) and ran across your blog. I love it, and really enjoyed reading about "I Closed My Eyes and They Were Grown". I've been feeling the same way about Tommy and Jack.

    See you at Bernie Man, if not before.


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