Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Greatest Complement

I received one of the best complements ever the other day. (besides the one from my mom on my first blog entry) Completely out of the blue, Ben's Uncle John (whom we only see at Christmas)had gone to my web site and was compelled to write and let me know what he thought.

Here it is:

"I am more than impressed with your work. Great talent! I especially like your 05 and 06 galleries. You should approach a greetings card distributor. Your work projects an aloof sanctuary of spirit with nature that is easily melded into by the viewer. Seriously you have a way of capturing emotions through color and that is indeed a transcendental gift."

Wow. I really didn't know how to thank him, but I did get his permission to quote him, and in his witty way he said yes. He has these three daughters that he is so proud of. They are all so creative and successful and adventurous.

It is amazing what a few words can do. Thank you John!


  1. i'm so glad you're keeping up with the blogging! i had fun reading it. and it sounds like things are going great. we need to talk! and you're going to be out of town for schlafly. camping trip???? i'm pretty jealous. i would love a camping break. i'm completely done with the business now, so i'm making the jewels full time. yippee!

  2. I am so glad! Your jewelry is amazing! No I wont be camping. We will be near Chicago (LaGrange, IL) for an art fair that weekend. Thank you for posting on my blog. It is such a treat to find out that someone is paying attention! You know that you and Mary Beth inspired me to make this blog. I was going to try and post a new painting today, if I get a chance.


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