Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Contemporary

Today I get to take a painting to the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. The Contemporary is hosting an Open Studios Event on July 21 and 22. On July 17 there will be a preview party so people can view all the participating artists' work and then follow the map to the artists work they are interested in. My mock studio (along with 17 other artists) will be located in the Continental Building at 3615 Olive. You can go to this link for all the details;

I made a new painting for the preview party. I just finished it last night and took pictures of it this morning. It is called The Power of Commitment. Since my paintings are my visual journals, it always hard for me to put these thoughts and feelings into words, but I will try. I made this painting as I thought of how important it is to keep your commitments. I don't mean doctor's appointments, I mean personal commitments. As long as we stay devoted to what is important to us, we can make it through anything. Ask me in four months how I feel about this, but for right now I am feeling very lucky for the commitments that I have made.

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