Sunday, July 1, 2007

Clean Studio!

Last weekend Ben (my husband) and I cleaned out our basement and I now officially have a studio space to call my own. Before now, Ben and I shared workshop/studio space and so every time he made my frames or searched for some tool, the area would be wrecked and covered with sawdust. I would then have to clean everything off before I started painting or paint in the filth. How could I complain though? He was making frames for me. Now I love my studio. It is clean and organized. I even put up a poster of a Kandinsky painting that my sister in law brought back for me from her trip to Europe. I am by a big sliding glass window so I have decent light and I love to look outside while I paint. My kiddos have a space within my studio too. I set them up with their own desks and paint supplies so they can paint whenever they want. I have always felt so guilty saying "Not now, Mommy has to get this painting done." Besides, now we get to share creative energy. Quincy has already done eight paintings. They are fantastic. One for each of her pre-school friends.

This is the kids' painting area and Quincy's paintings.

This is my studio and my Wiley dog.

The three paintings on my easel are a triptych I am working on for Art Trends Gallery.


  1. would love to see quincy's paintings. did she give them away already???

  2. If you look very closely, they are strung up in the picture of the kids' studio. Right in front of the desks. No she hasn't given them away yet because I completely forgot to go to the play date. Yep, I'm a ding dong. Now I need to set up a new play date and put a few notes up around the house as reminders!

  3. I was inspired to to fix, dedicate a kid section, and clean my studio after I saw your pics. Thanks for posting them.


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